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Quality and Integrity


Randal Optimal Nutrients is proud to have been in business since 1947.  We understand the importance of quality and integrity to the longevity of a company. We are an FDA-approved, GMP compliant facility and are proud members of the NPA and the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). Randal continues to expand our in-house and independent lab testing in order to ensure that all products meet the highest quality standards that you and your customers have come to expect.

Our products are manufactured under climate-controlled conditions, in FDA-inspected facilities operating under Federal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). We are licensed and are regularly inspected by State and Federal health authorities.

Randal Optimal Nutrients subscribes to the following processes every day to assure you receive the quality products you deserve.


Document and Record Control  Our Quality Control department is responsible for maintaining all documents, records and Standard Operating Procedures-, (SOP’s) making sure that they are up to date. We monitor all phases of production to assess performance and adherence to GMP and to the SOPs of each department.



Supplier Qualification – We maintain an audit program to verify our suppliers’ ability to provide consistent ingredients that meet our strict quality requirements. All incoming ingredients conform to standards of purity and effectiveness and meet or exceed the GMP guidelines. No ingredient is received at our manufacturing facility unless it is in accurately labeled packaging with tamper-evident seals. All incoming shipments must be accompanied by full documentation, including independent Certificate of Laboratory Analysis, and corresponding PO # (SIDI).


Ingredient and Finished Product Testing Methods We are implementing the FDA testing protocol per the new GMP Guidelines. Randal is also improving our analytical laboratory testing procedures to assure the identity and potency of the ingredients in every Randal Optimal supplement. This includes full-service testing, microbiological and stability studies.


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