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Advance on Your Competition

Private labeling of supplements is a cost-effective way to produce product offerings.  In added benefit is being able to pass that savings onto your customer base, while offering the same quality of a branded product. The cost difference is often large enough to allow you to offer lower prices to your customer, while still keeping higher profit margins. Your competition won’t be able to keep up with your quality supplement at a lower price.


We manufacturer two brands for our sister company Nutritional Specialties Inc., Professional Health Prodcuts® and MethylGenetic Nutrition®.  With over 150 products offered for Private Label, we are sure to have your needs covered.  

Benefits to private labeling include:

  • Quickly and affordably, expand your product offering range.

  • Ability to market your own brand.

  • Proven formulas that work!

  • Opportunity to gain customer credibility and loyalty.


Label Approval:
Do you need label and logo design assistance?  No problem! Our in house Graphic Designer can assist you!  When your label is complete and approved by you, we will process your order.
*Normal turnaround time is 2 weeks.

Product Selection

Please contact us for our current private label catalog for a compete list of products that are offered for private labeling.

Quantity: Our minimum order for our in-stock products, is 5 cases or 60 bottles per sku.

Getting Started:

  • Minimum of 60 per line item

  • $25 charge per label set-up

  • Product availability subject to stock availability

  • In-house label printing available

Business Qualifications:

  • Current resale certificate (CA)

  • Signed resale form (provided by RON)

Contact for details.




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