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Advance on Your Competition
Private labeling of supplements is a cost-effective way to produce product offerings.  In added benefit is being able to pass that savings onto your customer base, while offering the same quality of a branded product. The cost difference is often large enough to allow you to offer lower prices to your customer, while still keeping higher profit margins. Your competition won’t be able to keep up with your quality supplement at a lower price.

Benefits to private labeling include:

  • Quickly and affordably, expand your product offering range

  • Ability to market your own brand

  • Save time and money

  • Opportunity to gain customer credibility and loyalty


Turnaround Time: Randal Optimal Nutrients offers a quick turnaround on private labeling.  It usually takes 3-5 business days for in stock products once your label has been reviewed and completed.

Choosing Products: Please contact us for our current products that are offered for private labeling.


Quantity: Our minimum order for our in-stock products, are 5 cases or 60 bottles per product.


RANDAL OPTIMAL NUTRIENTS is the “Name to Have Behind Your Brand!”


WITH OVER 60 YEARS IN MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS, Randal’s experience speaks volumes.   We’re committed to providing supplements that are unconditionally guaranteed in potency, purity, and quality.


RANDAL OPTIMAL NUTRIENTS is a leading manufacturer of Private Label and Contract Manufacturing and we produce hundreds of quality  supplements formulated and tested to meet the demands of the nutritional marketplace and your most discerning customers. Our product line combines traditional, success-proven products with new, cutting-edge nutrients, guaranteed potency herbs and the latest advances in nutritional science.

If you are looking for a product that we do not offer in our Private Labeling section, please ask.  We able to offer small runs of custom formulations allowing us to fulfill our customers’ needs without breaking the budget.




We feel the difference starts when you and your customers are confident in the products they use.  Our comprehensive line of quality supplements includes tablets/capsules with multiple sizes and shapes including V caps and soft gels. We also offer a broad range of protein and meal replacement powders,  unique herbal formulations, and a large selection of advanced nutritional formulas and other fine specialty supplements. To ensure that you can trust the accuracy of the ingredients listed in our products, we provide quality assurance on all our products.  For an initial opening order you can add your own store brand and begin to see the larger profits and promotional benefits associated with private label. Once you become a Randal customer you only have to order a minimum of 60 units of a single line item.


At RANDAL OPTIMAL we make Private Label easy and affordable.





With your name on the product, you also want the package to look its best. By having our own digital printing operations on site, Randal is able to assure that your label is presented as a proper reflection of your brand and we can respond immediately to your order. At Randal, we know that quick delivery of your products is a “must” if you are able to continue to meet your customer’s needs. Our in-house printing and graphics department is staffed by highly trained personnel who will assist you in the development of your store or company label. Digital artwork is required or we will create a label for you.





We believe that you want to offer your customers the most up-to-date products available. For this reason, our technical staff continuously monitors the industry, and develops new products for regular release for your brand. Randal is constantly adding new, high demand products to our private label offering and our marketing and technical departments are always working on new and improved formulations. Our product line combines traditional, success-proven products with new, cutting-edge nutrients, guaranteed potency herbs and conceptual products. Using advanced product formulation, collective botanical wisdom from around the globe and innovative ingredients we offer superior nutritional products.





Randal has earned the reputation over its fifty year history as a manufacturer of quality vitamins and nutritional supplements. A highly competent technical staff is on-hand at all times to respond to your product inquiries and answer any product questions you might have. Our expertise in formulating and manufacturing, combined with our dedication to providing the highest quality nutritional supplements, is your assurance of only the finest products for your customers.

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• Current resale certificate if in CA

• Signed resale form (provided by Randal)



Certificate upon request.



No returns will be accepted beyond the 30 day period. Please call our office within 4 days to report

shipping or invoicing errors. Returns are accepted only with prior authorization and subject to a

restocking fee of 20%.



Randal has a variety of discount programs that can help increase your profits. Programs include

volume discounts, advertising allowances, and prepaid freight. Contact us for more information.




The terms and conditions listed above pertain to domestic business only.

• To learn more about exporting goods outside of the USA please contact

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